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This is Not a Place of Honor

This is Not a Place of Honor

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This is Not a Place of Honor is a poetry collection by author John Leo. A swirling mushroom cloud of nuclear ephemera, imagery, destruction, and hope. John tracks our human history with destruction and revelry into a concise, quick-cutting collection. 

Edition of 100.
60 pages.

"This is Not a Place of Honor is a book about violence, yes, but it is also a book about choice. It is a book about staring down the barrel of a gun that we all helped build, and choosing to hold tightly onto the people we love all the while. The book is grisly, difficult, and loaded, informed by cinema, music, and history. John places himself in the river of time, looking backwards to Hannibal, Caesar, and Oppenheimer, before averting his gaze. He turns his body to look downstream, where it flows out of sight. He passes us the binoculars, so we can watch, too. Such is his kindness." - Bryn Foreman

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